About You Conferences

Connecting driven women in Eastern Iowa with the community, resources, and support needed to focus on achieving success.

You Conferences is disguised as a women’s business conference, but that’s the Clark Kent of our super existence. This isn’t a stuffy business conference, and you can leave your disguise at home.

We are committed to empowering You to break the shackles of a mundane existence, and tap into the greatness that exists inside. We are here to help you stop wondering about your next step, and get you in action for the next great leap in your life.

For most of our attendees, this means embracing entrepreneurship, or taking risk into a new career. For every attendee, it means finding actual, real life support. We take “your vibe attracts your tribe” seriously around here, and our vibe looks like acceptance, support, understanding, and probably a push off the proverbial cliff.

Our attendees are not just women, and we are not just business owners. We are supporters of women, we are dreamers, doers, and achievers. We are single parents, stay at home parents, career parents, and fur-parents. We are obsessed with coffee hour and happy hour and the conversations that change the world at every hour. We believe in self expression, self development, self love and small gestures that reignite passion.

You Conferences was born to give You the confidence to grow, first within yourself, within your community, and then as far as your heart can dream. We strive to be the community that allows you to realize your wings already exist, gives you a stage to share your story, the opportunity to connect with others, and to make a real difference.

Move over Clark Kent… You Conferences is the next superhero in town.

About Kendra



Meet our CEO.

She lives in the small town of Palo, Iowa, wife to Eric, step mom to two daughters, a business owner since 2007. She’s obsessed with caffeine and hoards wine.

Entrepreneurship came on the coat tails of dropping out of college, divorce, natural disasters, poor decisions, and epic mistakes. Her first five years as an entrepreneur resembled a dumpster fire, honestly.

It really wasn’t until attending a conference in Las Vegas in 2012 that the light bulb flickered on, true purpose was discovered, and an intense fire to give that gift of discovery to others was lit.


Kendra serves as the CEO of You Conferences, runs a successful makeup artistry business, leads a direct sales team of over 600 that spans the US and Europe, and is fumbling with a podcast called, “It’s Funny You Ask.

She has built her business through authentically connecting with others, a high sense of integrity, and a strong work ethic and strongly believes that anyone can do the same. You won't find a long list of diplomas or letters after her name, but you will find a burning desire to change the world and enough grit to make it happen.

She utilizes her experience in business and leadership as a volunteer SCORE mentor, a direct sales leader, and she will tell you that it is her sincere desire to be the change and encourage the local female-owned business community to thrive.

The YOU Crew

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