Cocktails + Conversations: Birthday Cake Martini

Sep 23, 2020

We have a very special Cocktails + Conversations planned for September because it is our CEO Kendra Aarhus' birthday! We would love if you could join us virtually for some casual conversations and drinks to celebrate her birthday together.

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Cocktails + Conversations: Classic Mojito

Sep 21, 2020

Welcome back! It has been a crazy few weeks here in Iowa with the Derecho that swept through. We are so grateful to have our You Community and be able to join together virtually for some casual conver...

Removing Barriers for the Underdog Entrepreneur

Sep 21, 2020

Do you have a business idea but have no idea what to do to get it off the ground? Or do you have an existing business that you are struggling to scale up but don’t know where to turn to get help? Ther...

Graceful Conflict

Sep 18, 2020

My name is Samantha. I had a blast at the Abundantly You conference so this time I wanted a front-row seat to empowerment as a presenter. When most people hear the word conflict they go running for th...

Cocktails + Conversations : Raspberry Moscow Mule

Jul 22, 2020

We are very excited to start our new Cocktails + Conversations series with you every month starting this Wednesday, July 22nd. It's not too late to sign up! Either go to our Facebook Event and click o...

3 Steps for an Abundance Weight Loss Mindset

Feb 22, 2020

Consider the following questions: Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Do you struggle with body dissatisfaction? Are you worried about your weight for health reasons but don’t know what to...

Your Longevity Blueprint with Dr. Stephanie Gray

Feb 14, 2020

Are you tired of being tired? Do you feel like you’re fighting with your body more than living in it? As women, when we age we can experience a variety of health challenges including: sleeplessness, P...

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