Frequently Asked Questions

You are considering joining the fun but you have a few questions! Understandable. The list below is of the most commonly asked You Conference questions! If you have any more questions, use the contact page and let us know!

  1.  Do I have to attend both the Wednesday night and Thursday session? The short answer is no. However, you can choose to meet new attendees and check in with your technology on Wednesday night if you wish!

  2. What is the dress code? The dress code is sharp casual... and only from the waist up if you're virtual! Pajama pants encouraged!

  3. Do I have to be a business owner to attend? You do not have to be a business owner to attend. 

  4. Can I invite people from out of town? Of course! Everyone is welcome.

  5. What’s in the swag bags? Swag Bags include exclusive deals and samples from sponsors of the conference.

  6. Can men attend? Yes, of course!

  7. Why would a man want to come to a women’s conference? A man would gain insight into how to work and collaborate with women they work for, women who work for them, and women they collaborate with.

  8. Will there be sessions for men exclusively? Not yet, but when we increase our male attendance we will make that accommodation.

  9. Do I need to bring a laptop? A workbook is included with the cost of your ticket, but you are welcome to bring your laptop.

  10. I’m not a business owner, what kinds of things am I going to get out of it? You are going to make connections with amazing women who are not only going to lift & inspire you but will teach you things you didn’t even know you needed to know. The connections made at this event aren’t of those people who are unreachable in real life. These women are local, welcoming, generous & open to giving their time, experience & expertise to those they connect with. All of the attendees are here to give as well as receive. 

  11. Is this one of those events where I’m going to be sold a time share or expensive coaching program? No. The goal of this event is to provide community, support, encouragement and focus to the entrepreneurial women of the corridor. There will be coaches there. Should you desire coaching, you are welcome to ask for information.

  12. Is someone going to try to sign me up with their MLM? No. The goal of this event is to provide community, support, encouragement and focus to the entrepreneurial women of the corridor. There will be direct sellers there. Should you desire a career in direct selling, you are welcome to ask for information.

  13. Covid Protocol Q&A - for In Person Attendees Only
    • Is parking available? Yes, there is free parking.
    • Is there a hotel block? Yes! 
    • Is coffee provided? Yes!
    • Is lunch included? Yes, the venue provides lunch for in person ticket holders and is included in the cost of your ticket.
    • Are allergy accommodations made for lunch? Yes. Please let us know of food allergies in the Whova App.
    • Do I attend in person on Wednesday night? No. The Wednesday night session is virtual only. 

    • Do I need to wear a mask? Yes, face masks will be required when you are not eating or drinking. 

    • Will social distancing be enforced? Yes, social distancing is expected. We encourage people to be mindful, keep your distance, and wait your turn. 

    • Will temperatures be taken? Yes, at check in your temperature will be taken and you will be asked four questions.

    • What if I have a temperature the day of the conference? We will ask that you attend the conference virtually. You will have access to all sessions live during the event, and to all sessions after the event. You will receive your SWAG Bag and any associated materials for in person attendees. No refunds will be given. We encourage you to check your temperature prior to leaving home on the morning of the conference and contact us to make arrangements to deliver your materials should you have a temperature that morning. 

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