Removing Barriers for the Underdog Entrepreneur

Dec 01, 2021

Entrepreneurship in Cedar Rapids, IA

Do you have a business idea but have no idea what to do to get it off the ground? Or do you have an existing business that you are struggling to scale up but don’t know where to turn to get help? There is a solution that won’t cost you a dime!

Empower by GoDaddy in partnership with Jane Boyd, is a social impact program equipping entrepreneurs in underserved areas with the tools, training and resources that they need to start a business or scale their existing business.


Empower offers an intense 11-12 week education program designed to provide the basics of starting or growing your business. Empower aims to strengthen our entrepreneurial community through our three pillar model of education, social capital and mentorship.

12.3 million American women are running their own business, generating $1.8 trillion a year in the US economy. With over 40% of US businesses being started and ran by women, it is clear that women are a driving force in our nation’s economy. Women are making their mark! More than half of Empowers workshops end up being filled by women here in Linn County, so this conference is important to connect with and support as many entrepreneurial women as possible.

Empower staff chose to sponsor Abundantly You because our goals align with the conference goals – helping businesses in our community thrive. Abundantly You addresses the needs of the startup and the entrepreneur looking to grow their business. The conference gives Empower staff exposure of up to 240 women who are looking to thrive in the business community. This gives us the opportunity to network with these women, begin to form solid relationships and be in a better position to help improve their business if they need it.

“With over 40% of US businesses being started and ran by women, it is clear that women are a driving force in our nation’s economy. Women are making their mark!”

Many new business owners don’t have a lot of money to throw at expense conferences, and Abundantly You is affordable to early stage entrepreneurs allowing them to get what they need. 

Empower has helped over 120 business owners improve their chances of success. Our program offers:

  • 25 hours of Free Business Coaching - $1875 value

  • Free Website and Business email - $850 value

  • Access to a wide network

  • Access to Graduate EXCLUSIVE CAPITAL

  • Priority for all sponsored events

  • Improved odds for loan approval with partner programs

  • Discounts on select rooms at Jane Boyd Community House

  • Space is limited.

  • Visit RIGHT NOW to apply.

In 2019, Empower by GoDaddy won PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award. We also recently won Dan Hopper’s Farmers award for Small Business of the Month.

In October of 2019, Empower put on our first-ever crowd pitch which will now be an annual event since it was so well received. This event featured five pre-selected Empower Alumni who pitched their business in front of four judges and the community for a cash award. Both the judges and the crowd voted on who gave the best pitch and both were able to pick a winner, meaning there were two pools of money to be won.

 Jay Jermaine, owner of Jay’s Water Ice won over the judges AND the crowd, and won a total of $5,000! This money allowed him to buy the ventilated hood that he needed to be able to operate his food truck year-round. This is what Empower is all about-- helping small business owners succeed!

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