It's Funny You Ask with Alina Warner

Jan 27, 2022

Meet Alina. She's teaching from the Vulnerably You stage at 11:00 am on Thursday, March 25th. Her class is called, "Unleasing Your Personal Power.

Alina Warner is a Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach  Institute. She is the founder and owner of Wellness Within You, a health  and life coaching practice in Cedar Rapids. Alina has an MBA from  University of Iowa and 15 years of Project and Program Management  experience. She left the corporate world to pursue her life’s dream to  make our community healthier one person at a time. Alina is a master of  habit change who helps people unlock their health potential, boost their energy and lose weight through nutrition, movement and stress management. She has successfully coached clients to adopt healthy habits  for lifetime by providing the right tools, offering continuous support  and holding them accountable to their goals.    

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