Tina Wing

Inspiration Artist

Get to know Tina, our Inspiration Artist!

What is your role in You Conferences?
My role is to plan, coordinate, and lead our art project during the pre-conference party, and to support our committee in any way that I can. 

Tell us about yourself.
I am a contemporary artist. I love to paint on canvas, walls, and faces!  I work as a makeup artist, face painter, and I love to sculpt with clay. I began teaching acrylic painting lessons in 2016 and I am so grateful to be able to inspire others to tap into their own creativity. 

Alright, show off your business!
Tina Wing Art

Why are you part of You Conferences?
I love the opportunity to connect with other strong women in business to learn from, encourage, and inspire each other. 

Where can we find you?





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