Erin Soukup

Sharp Shooter

Get to know Erin, our Sharp Shooter!

What is your role in You Conferences?
Event Photographer

Tell us about yourself.
Photographer, podcaster, encourager of all the people. Erin’s mission in life is to help others see the power, strength, and beauty within themselves. Sometimes that happens through the lens of her camera & all the encouragement that occurs in her interactions with people. Don’t let her fool you though, her no excuses mentality will force you to take a harder look at the things that are standing in your way. 

Alright, show off your business!
Erin Soukup Photography

Why are you part of You Conferences?
You Conferences embodies the same core values & mission as my own personal path. Being able to have even a small part in the growth & transformation of other women is something near & dear to my life’s mission. 

Where can we find you? 

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